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Assignment of the new gTLD Domain Name Extensions is expected before the end of 2000.
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Transferring your Domain to CASDNS

We invite you to transfer the management of your domain name from your present registrar to CASDNS. At CASDNS, you will receive superior support from our team of registrar professionals.  Our commitment to you is to make the ownership of your domain name as easy and trouble-free as possible.  We pride ourselves on our service.

We will transfer your domain for $25 .  On transfer, you will receive an additional year added to your current registration.  We can also increase the term of your registration for up to a total of 10 years at a discounted price.  Email us at for more information.

All we need from you is a letter of authorization.  We even have a form which will generate the letter for you.  Before you transfer your domain, please become familiar with the instructions and information below.

Instructions For Transfer of a Domain Name to CASDNS as registrar:
Written instructions from the Domain Holder (Owner)

CASDNS, Inc. must receive written instructions on paper for the domain to be transferred to CORE under our (CASDNS) management. An authorization message on e-mail is not sufficient. The authorization must be on the Domain Holder's company letterhead, if it can reasonably be expected that the company normally uses letterhead, and must be signed by an authorized person on behalf of the Domain Holder. A notarized signature of the owner or administrator may be used if company letterhead is not available. The receipt of this registrar transfer instruction document by fax is a sufficient basis for initiating the transfer request. In addition to the domain owner, the administrative contact as per the whois is automatically considered to be an authorized signatory. The signatory's name and title must also be printed next to the signature. The name of the company on the letterhead must match the name of the company in the whois. A single transfer instruction can be used for several domains, however, all domains must be listed in the document or unequivocally referred to.

Finally, you must acknowledge reading and agreeing to the Core Registration Agreement and Dispute Policy.

Summary for Registrar Transfer:

Wording must contain:

  • name and address of Domain Holder;
  • name of current registrar (i.e. Network Solutions);
  • name and address of the new registrar (in this case, CASDNS, INC, 1418 S. Third Street, Louisville, KY 40208);
  • unequivocal instruction to change over to the new registrar (CASDNS)
  • clear identification of the domain name(s) subject to the instruction,
  • signature of Domain Holder,
  • pre-printed company letterhead if this can be reasonably expected.
  • Agreement with the Registration agreement and CORE/ICANN Dispute Policy

As an additional precaution against an unauthorized transfer request, the domain owner and administrator will be notified of the transfer request via the email address(es) valid in the current whois for final approval.  In cases where the owner and administrator differ, the owner is considered the authority for the final decision.

When transferring a domain, ownership and registration details do not change. The domain is transferred with the very same owner, administrator, technical contacts and name server information as on the whois at the time the transfer is initiated.  Further modifications to the domain record may be made only after the transfer has been completed and using standard appropriate authorization.  

The time frame for a registrar transfer is usually 5-7 days.

CASDNS provides a form for you to use to generate a Registrar Transfer Authorization Letter.

Click here to go to the form.

More information can also be found on our FAQ.


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