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Question from the CASDNS database of Frequently Asked Questions on Domain Name Registration. These pages are designed to assist our customers in the domain registration process.

"I need to change my e-mail account.  What do I do?"

"I lost my email account and now I need to make changes to my domain name record."

People often change their email accounts for various reasons. 

If you change an email address, especially the one that is the listed email of the owner or administrator of a domain name, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you notify your registrar to update your domain name record BEFORE you de-activate your present email account.  Because verification of who you are and your authority to request changes depends on a confirmation of your request sent from the email address shown on the whois record, if you deactivate your present account too early, you will cause yourself much extra work and heartache, as well as significant time delays, in modifying your records.

What if it's already too late?  Then we will need an alternate verification of who you are.  We will need a notarized letter from you, preferably on your company letterhead if appropriate, identifying you and your authority, along with your requested changes clearly stated.  One of those changes should definitely be an update to your current email address!!

If you are a domain owner and administrator and fall into this category, we recommend that you make this update immediately before you need to make urgent changes to your domain name record.  Don't always rely on your technical contact to update name servers promptly when needed, especially when you are changing from the technical contact's ISP to another ISP or hosting service.  We know from experience!

If you are acting as a technical contact and have lost your email account, things are a little easier for you.  Ask the domain owner to submit a modification updating your email address for the domain.


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